Fuga-no-yado Chouseikan
Fuga-no-yado Chouseikan in Murasugi Onsen


Chouseikan is a long-established ryokan with 150 years of history and tradition.
We have boasts the largest open-air baths in the prefecture, and serves delicious seasonal cuisine.
We present to you the traditional hospitality of Japan.

Enjoy Radon hot springs.

The largest open-air bath in Nigata prefecture.
You will enjoy of Japanese seasonal view.
Radon hot spring is good for skin beautification, bolstering immunity, etc

Private Open-Air Bath

Enjoy the Radium Hot Spring in a private space.
*additional fee 2500 yen・advance reservation required

Private spa “Akanegawara no yu”

Private spa “Akanegawara no yu”

This spa is made my local style pottery called “Yasuda Gawara”. This pottery having dar infrared ray effect. You will warm you body and enjoy beautiful madder red bathtub.

Private spa “Kiri no neyu”

Private spa “Kiri no neyu”

This spa is made of paulownia wood. You will enjoy healing wooden smell in this bath.

Private spa “Morino Iyashiyu”

Private spa “Morino Iyashiyu”

This is a radon hot spring. You will heal green forest and radon hot springs.
Please enjoy with couples and families.

Seasonal Cuisine

In summer, you will feel cool breeze. In winter, you will feel warmth from our dishes.

Fresh vegetables harvested early in the morning”

Fresh vegetables harvested early in the morning

Every morning, fresh vegetables delivered by contracted farmers. In order to enjoy the sophisticated taste of the ingredients, our chiefs cook with courtesy.

Organically-grown rice”

Organically-grown rice

We serve organically grown rice called “Koshi-Hikari” from contracted farmers. Our chief cook rice with pure well water.

Seasonal fishes

Seasonal fishes

Varieties of fish delivered by port every morning. We don't stock fishes over night so you will taste fresh fishes from sea of Japan.

Premium Niigata Beef

Premium Niigata Beef

Nigata beef won a competitive exhibition of farm products twice. Nigata beed grown with clean air and water. Please enjoy premium tender Nigata beef.

Standard Japanese-style room

At the guest rooms, please take off your shoes before entering.
Each guest room is laid with tatami mats.
Please change into the yukata and relax.
There are some sweets prepared for you on the table.
Enjoy them with Japanese tea.
We will prepare your futon bedding at night after you finish dining.

Premium Japanese-style room with open air bath

Luxuriate in a private, open-air bath experience undisturbed.
Carved right out of rock this open-air bath will wash away all your daily worries and fatigue.

Independent guest-cottages”

Independent guest-cottages

You can see the garden from the window.

You can see the garden from the window.

You will enjoy luxury hot spring anytime you want.

You will enjoy luxury hot spring anytime you want.

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Address / 4632-8 Sugimura, Agano-shi, Niigata, 959-1935 Japan
Tel / +81-250-66-2111

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trainTransportation From Tokyo

  • Tokyo Sta.
  • *
  • Niigata Sta.
  • **
  • Niitsu Sta.
  • ***
  • Suibara Sta.
  • 15 min by taxi
  • Fuga-no-yado Chouseikan

*128 min by JR Joetsu Shinkansen, 10,770 yen (1-4 every 1 hour)

**20 min by JR Shin’etsu Main Line (2-4 every 1 hour)

***12 min by JR Uetsu Main Line (1-2 every 1 hour), from Niigata Sta. 500 yen

The rates are those as of April 2016.
The required times may slightly vary depending on the time of day.

busFree pick-up bus(JR Niigata Station)

We operate a Free pick-up bus between JR Niigata Station and Chouseikan.(Reservation required)

From JR Niigata Station (arrival)From Chouseikan (departure)
13:30 / 16:009:00 / 11:00